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You can check if we are available for your wedding date here. 

You can use the information below as a reference if you are re-scheduling your date.

this page is updated every time a date changes. Please email to book and change dates.

Updated 13th July 2021

2021 Dates Pump Up the Jam are UNAVAILABLE:

Sep 2nd, Sep 11th, Sep 16th, Sep 18th, Sep 23rd, Sep 25th, Sep 26th

Oct 2nd, Oct 9th, Oct 16th

Nov 4th, Nov 26th, Nov 27th

Dec 5th, Dec 29th, Dec 30th


2022 Dates Pump Up the Jam are UNAVAILABLE:

Jan 29th,

Feb 22nd,  25th,

Mar 3rd, Mar 17th, Mar18th,

Apr 18th, Apr 22nd,

May 13th, May 14th, May 19th, May 20th,

Jun 3rd, Jun 4th, Jun 11th, Jun 16th(tbc), Jun 17th, Jun 18th, Jun 23rd, Jun 25th, Jun 30th

Jul 1st, Jul 2nd, Jul 8th, Jul 9th, Jul 16th, Jul 22nd, Jul 23rd, Jul 28th, Jul 29th, Jul 30th, Jul 31st (On Hold),

Aug 6th, Aug 11th, Aug 16th (TBC),

Sep 10th

Oct 27th

Dec 16th

Jan 1st 2023

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